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Kulim Branch - Tadika Bijak Makmur.

We are Islamic-English-Creative preschool program under the brand name of The Little Caliphs Program™.

Hajjah Sabariah Faridah’s interest in early childhood education started when she was working as a volunteer teacher at an Islamic English kindergarten in Ottawa while she was a Chemistry student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Since then, she has been actived in helping entrepreneurs, associations, and communities to open Islamic kindergartens in Malaysia. With the Grace of Allah, in January 2003, Hajjah Sabariah Faridah and her husband, Haji Roslan Nordin finally founded their own kindergarten.

The name given to the new kindergarten was Little Caliphs Kindergarten, but due to the naming rules of Ministry of Education, the name could not be used. Instead, the kindergarten was named Tadika Rama Rama Bistari. Backed by her many years of active training and consultancy on early childhood education, the founders used the new kindergarten as a platform to design, develop, and test a new pre-school program, namely The Little Caliphs Program™. Continuous research and development, courses attended, hands-on involvements, feedback from parents, students, and staff, visits to other kindergarten all over the world, and most importantly, inspiration from Allah S.W.T. - all of these have contributed to the development of TLCP.

In this husband and wife synergy, Haji Roslan Nordin plays the role as business author of TLCP while Hajjah Sabariah Faridah as the academic author. The Little Caliphs Program™ was originally marketed by ILM Marketing since 2003. To mark the founders plan for marketing TLCP into international arena, LittleCaliphs International Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 6th of January 2010.


Nabi Muhammad (PBUH) said..

Honor your children and bring them up well. Verily, your children are a gift for you.
- [Hadith, Ibnu Majah]

A child is a gift, an amanah and a trial to his parents, family and society. Along with it comes a great responsibility – The responsibility to nurture them towards becoming the best that they could be, both in dunia and akhirat.

The best thing that we could give to our children is education – one that leads him to be a significant contributor to his society, a righteous slave and Khalifah of Allah, and an ummah of Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W).

Not only there is gold mine in every child, but their early childhood years are instrumental in building their healthy self- esteem and positive self-concept.

Muslim Parents’s Concern

Do you have children at their early childhood years (2 to 6 years old)? If so, you will naturally concern about selecting the suitable early childhood program for your children. You might begin asking, “To which kindergarten, preschool, tadika, prasekolah, early childhood center, childcare center or child development center should I send my children? Which is my preferred kindergarten? Can I send them to just any kindergarten, to an English kindergarten, or to an Islamic-English-Creative kindergarten?”

As a progressive Muslim parent in this modern and challenging era, you might be looking for a preschool program that integrates Islam with academics and other skills. You want your children to be able to acquire the skills of reading, writing, math, thinking, language and communication. At the same time, you also want your children to be able to read AlQur’an, perform solat, practicing Islamic mannerism, and memorize some verses and chapters of AlQu’ran. You expect your children to be well taught on the pillars of Iman and the pillars of Islam.

You want your children to be taught with love, be instilled with the love of Islam and knowledge, and being taught in a conducive and safe learning environment. You would prefer a kindergarten that is run professionally, having proven and effective teaching and learning methodologies pertaining to early childhood education, and having a good team of well trained teachers.

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